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A History of Winsham  

  • Winsham before the Conquest - Stella Abbey
  • Norman & Medieval Period-Stella Abbey
  • Domesday Winsham - Bob Osborn
  • The "West of England Cloth Factory" - Joan Aslett
  • Winsham in 1861-John Gapper

Millennium Book-Adapted for the web by John Sullivan,  helped by the Millennium Book  Committee, Malcolm Howard & Bob Osborn.      

The Parish of Winsham
  • The Cricket St Thomas Estate -Earlier History- Bob Osborn 
  • The Cricket St. Thomas Estate -Recent History-John Taylor
  • Forde Abbey - Bob Osborn
  • Leigh House - Bob Osborn , Clifford Lee& David Holmes.
    The Civil War-Father against son-Contributed by Col. & Mrs W Knapp. 
  • Charlton Cottage-contributed by Mr & Mrs S.Weller
  • Jubilee Hall-Stella Abbey, John Sullivan, Sandy Wells
Winsham School
  • School Log Books -first transcriptions by Jean Thompson and Bob Osborn
  • Names from the School Log Books - transcribed by Bob Osborn
  • Review and development of first transcriptions by Jackie George
  • Elementary education in the19th century- John Sullivan

Winsham Agriculture

  • Gallery designed and written by Paul Smith, who also did all the Illustrations and maps. The maps were adapted for the Web Museum by Jan Sullivan. 'Threshing with Steam Driven Traction Engine'-watercolour by John Sullivan.
Winsham at Play
  • Other Organisations
    • Winsham Art Club - Joan Aslett, Terry Goodman
    • Winsham Coronation Band - Margaret and Roger Tett
    • Pictures supplied by Phil Kershaw, Stella Abbey and many others
Winsham at Worship
  • St Stephen's Church - Bob Osborn
  • St Stephen's Church bells - Keith Fowler
  • Rood screen, introduction - John Sullivan
  • United Reformed church - Michael Hebditch
Winsham at War
  • War Memorials and 'The Story of Private Newton' - Peter Duffell 
  • Enlargement of Home Guard section-researched by Charlie Hawker
  • Help with identifying names of members of Home Guard-Jeffrey Wilson
    author of 'The Somerset Home Guard-A Pictorial Roll-Call'.
  • 'A walk in the September sun'-Peter Duffell
  • Picture of refurbished War Memorial-2011-John Gapper


Winsham Parish Council-Nick George, Stella Abbey, Janet Smart


Natural Sciences
  • Local Geology
    • Contour Map - Paul Smith
    • Fossils - Paul Smith, photographs by Annie Dent
  • Nature's Great Sightings - Paul Smith
  • Flora and Fauna
    • History & Habitat - Paul Smith
    • Watercourses - Paul Smith
    • Road & Lane Verges - Paul Smith
    • Woodland - Paul Smith
    • Buildings & Undeveloped Farmland - Paul Smith

Winsham at Work
Robert Shearer, Richard and Anne Rose, Denis McCallum, Phil Kershaw and many others. Researched and written by John Sullivan.

Reminiscences - individually credited throughout the website where possible


  • The Winsham I Remember - W H Paull
  • The Magic that was Purtington - Paul Smith
  • Genealogical research-Judy Hodge 
  • Reminiscences-various pictures from Ian Monkton
Starting a Web Museum - John Sullivan & Bob Osborn

Original Web Museum Management Committee  
John Sullivan (Chairman), , Peter Duffel, Jackie George, Bob Osborn, Janet & Roy Smart, Stella Abbey, Joan Aslett, Paul Smith,  Jean Thompson

Website Design(Original)  - Bob Osborn

Web Photo Manipulation & Optimisation(Original) - Bob Osborn

On-going Web Management -John Sullivan (2003-)

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