Agriculture in Winsham

300 sheep walking  down Fore Street to Bridge Farm  in 1999-a rare site!



This gallery was designed and written by Paul Smith, whose home was Windwhistle Farm from 1921 until his retirement  sixty two years later , when he moved into the village. It represents a personal view of  farming in Winsham, based on long experience, and of the farming industry over the greater part of the twentieth century.
The full story of his life between the two World Wars can be found in his book ,"Landing Gently", published by Wolfgang Publishing.
It was a great loss to our small community when he died in 2007. Click Here to go to his obituary.
For further descriptions of Farming in Winsham at the Millennium refer to the
Businesses section of the Millennium Book. 

Please Note:
The Maps that appear in this gallery are not drawn to scale, and are intended  only to give an approx. indication of the position of boundaries, roads, rivers or farm locations. For more precise information use other map sources.

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