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Browsing the Winsham Web Museum using the very simple system of 'picture' indexes that run throughout has proved to be a very popular and effective method of exploring this large and diverse website. By simply left clicking on a picture in one the indexes that sits alongside the brief description of a subject and you go to the subject matter or its main index. However, the Museum has grown, and it is now nearly three times as large as it was in 2002 ,when it was opened. As a consequence of this, it has become increasingly difficult for visitors to establish if a subject in which they are interested is to be found in the Winsham Web Museum, or remembering where something is located to enable a revisit. Some topics require the use of four or five links to reach.

To help  with these problems a Site Map has been produced. It cannot be displayed upon one page, as there are too many possible locations, but like a geographical atlas,  the information is in one place, and it is very easy to move from page to page. Starting at the Contents 'map' above, just left click on the gallery of your choice. This will take you to the 'map' of that gallery showing its content headings, as well as the content headings of additional museum web pages relating to the selected subject. By exception, The Parish Web Site and E-Letter text boxes link to the web pages themselves. On some map pages you will find arrows pointing to boxes, and some of the boxes are in colour. This is done simply to indicate  related pages. Not all boxes have a further link associated with them, and in some limited situations adjacent boxes may link to the same page, when you may have to scroll up or down to find the item for which you are searching. Some links only appear on the web pages themselves.

First time visitors will find the use of this method of navigating the ideal way to quickly scan its contents, and visit the topics that are of particular interest. The page descriptions used in the mapping system are, we  hope, helpful, but leave a great deal unsaid. Much is  to be gained by the alternative, more leisurely, 'Picture Index' method of browsing that  thousands of visitors to the site have enjoyed since its inception.

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