Red Carpet Film Night
...the pictures

The Red Carpet Film Night was every bit the success that people have come to expect. These regular fund-raising events  play an important part in providing the funds that keep the hall properly maintained and equipped. Nearly  fifty people had tickets, raising some 500 for important maintenance work that is being planned for next year.
A superb meal was served, cooked by Kate Langridge, Gill Spence, Brian Turner, Karen Hodgson, Liz Earl, Stewart & Paula Bramley Ball, Dori Beeston and Sarah Gleadell; this plus good company, plenty to drink, music from the genre  and some lively entertainment made for a good time for all.

Below are the pictures taken by Annie Dent and John Sullivan. Not all the pictures taken on the web site but if you would like to see all of Annie's pictures you can go to her own Web Site. John Sullivan's can be seen by appointment-just call 30026. If you would like digital images they are available free of charge-if you would like a high quality print call Annie Dent on 30067. A charge will be made for prints.
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