Philip died on Monday, 28th December 2015, following a heart attack at his home in Church Street. Despite the best efforts of the paramedic and ambulance teams and Thorncombe 'First Responders', all of whom were on the scene very quickly, nothing could be done to save him.

The suddenness of Phil's passing has left Diana and their children, Tim and Helen, and their grandchildren devastated and bereft. His friends, and there are many who had the good fortune to know this gentle, caring man, are also deeply upset.

Phil and Diana came to live in Winsham in 1972, when they took over the small shop in Winsham, known as Winsham Stores. They ran this until 1979, when they integrated the shop space into their home.

Phil and Diana have always been active in the life of the village, and they often participated in Stella Abbey's drama productions, and in Penny Pargeter's pantomimes. My first recollection of Phil was seeing him, in 1994, wearing a top hat, seated on a horse in Stella's outdoor production of  'The Pilgrim's Progress', playing the role of Mr Worldly-Wiseman. This was just one of the many roles he played over the years.

I first really got to know him when I joined the Jubilee Hall Management Committee some fifteen years ago. He was the long standing Treasurer, who played an important role in the renewal of the Hall in 2005 when its future came under threat.

Since then, Phil's continuing careful management of the hall's finances  has enabled the building to be maintained in excellent condition , while keeping the cost of using it at a very low level.

Winsham has experienced a great loss. It  will be felt most keenly by his family, especially Diana, who I know will appreciate our  heartfelt prayers and support.

John Sullivan
Chairman-Jubilee Hall Management Committee

This tribute first appeared in the Joint Parish Magazine in February 2016 

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