Memories of Winsham
Personal memories, and the sentiments they evoke, even if sometimes coloured by the passage of time, are perhaps the only meaningful way of our retaining the essence of a time and place .
In this digital age, with so much instant access to 'hard facts' and images via the internet , providing us with a so-called objective view of the past, it is nevertheless the fond ( and sometimes unpleasant and frightening) memories of childhood ,adolescence and young adult hood  that remain with us which gives us a real sense of the time.
Below is an index to a  collection of mainly pleasant memories of Winsham people-some supported by photographs. People who have either lived in the village , or maybe just experienced a brief interface with the community that has nevertheless remained with them for the rest of their lives. They are worth reading and looking at - they come from the heart. If you have  memories that you would like to share, please pass them on to the Winsham Web Museum.

Recollections of life in Winsham...
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Chris Beer
An account of life in Winsham from the perspective of a small boy just after World War II
Chris beer Button
Gareth Davis
A family historian documents the Bone, Butler, March & Hayball families
Beryl Genge
An account of the  life of a young girl's life during the war
John & Pam Hammett
A lifetime in and around Winsham
 Loaring Family
Winsham's longest established family
Tom Nicholson
Tom (aka Bill)  tells how Winsham was a second home from1940 until the death of his foster mother, Kathleen Phillips in 1988.
The Pattemore Family
Mainly about Don Pattemore's life in Winsham, and his early years working in Winsham shop.
Janet & Barbara Pays
Childhood Memories of Winsham
( including the Coronation Day account by Lily Boait)
An account of two young girls who experienced both city and the country life at Winsham
W.H. Paull
'The Winsham I remember'
The Internet version of the book
describing village life in Winsham in the period before the Great War
Dennis Summers
'Wartime and after-some reminiscences'
Memories of  a boy in wartime Winsham, recalling the freedom that somehow is denied our youngsters today

Robert Warren
My  memories of Winsham  1944-1962
A fascinating account of the post-war years, with a vivid recollection of people and events


Times Past...

'About the Woollen Mill and the sad tale of Mr Bennett's daughter'
 Some research by Jim & Joan Aslett
'Summer Holiday-1900'
A Diary kept by Joseph & Ethel Brooke
A wonderful account of a holiday in Winsham by a young engaged couple
'The Magic that was Purtington'
by Paul Smith
An nostalgic glimpse of life in Purtington in the years between the wars, when the author was a  young farmer
'The memories of Oliver Thomas Bishop'
Oliver documented his life before he died in 2016 at the age of 96. The museum carries his account of his life from the age of four, when in 1924 he came with his parents to live with his Grandparents at Manor Farm in the centre of Winsham .This continued until his Grandfather's death in 1934. A fascinating account of the life of  a schoolboy on a busy farm, between the two World Wars.

 Memories in Pictures...

A selection of pictures that have been provided to the Web Museum

Courtenay Family
A musical family, with seven daughters , and a horse named 'Anchor'!
Hawker Family
Charlie is the only remaining member of the Hawker family still living in Winsham, now well into his eighties (2013)
Henley Family
The Henley family built Leigh House in the early 1600s
Phelps Family
Enos Rowsel
The Joyce Hayball Collection
A unique collection of photographs taken in  the village in 1938





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