Winsham School Log Book Extracts - 1866 to 1879
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28th May Examination of school log took place last Wednesday. Examiner seemed to be unnecessarily severe, having kept them at work10.30am till 2pm.
Examiners report: The school is in a very unsatisfactory condition. The discipline is bad. My Lords have ordered a deduction of one tenth from the Grant for the grave results of the examinations. The issue of Mr Passmore's certificate is deferred until satisfactory results of his instruction are visable.
August This is the last entry I have to make in this book.
8th January  School opened again after being closed for seven weeks. Very thin attendance. Fourteen Infants, and twenty-six in big school. Henry Hardyman came in as monitor
9th January Attendance not much better to-day. Pupil-teacher did home lesson with credit.
10th January attendance still small.self went to chard this morning,therefore was not back in time to openschool.Marsh opened it,& when I returned I found it quietly at  its work.
11th January average for the week 41
15th January Tom,Maria & S.Jane trivett & Fred Connsett leaving the village.Henry Pinney gone to work,marked off Gertrude Barnes and Ny Larcombe for continued absence.Admitted Sam John & ? aged 9.
16th January Attendance not much better than last week. Children very dull, & backward in Arithmetic. Tables not thoroughly known, gave them to whole school from 11.40 to 12.00 a.m. Cox late to school this morning. Told him to come earlier. Admitted Edith Bourne Aged 11.
19thJanuary Mrs. Symes unable to come to school to-day. The Infants are in a class in the large room under my superintendence. Chicks playing truant.
22nd January Admitted Annie Hawker from Forde Abbey William Hallett & Alfred Edward Bailey from Winsham, The Husseys have been to Thorncombe school for a few weeks, but came in again to-day. Attendance a trifle better.
24thJanuary Home lessons not well said in "First Class". Several kept in to learn them.
26th January Average for past week 70.3. Marked improvement in Grammar in the upper Standards
29th January Attendance still small. Chicks still playing truant. 30th The weather being so very bad we have a small attendance today.
2nd February There is a slight improvement in Arithmetic. Average for the past week 691/2.
5th February Cox allowed to remain at home Monday & Tuesday. Had the sanction of the Vicar. Admitted Emma Susan Deane from Hollow Wells.
7th February Cox came back to school this morning. Mrs Symes is obliged to resign her duties for a while on account of sickness. Attendance fair.
9th February Usual routine as per "time table through the week, taught the children a fresh song "The Minstrel Boy". Average for past week 90.
12th February Attendance very thin this morning. Marsh late. Admitted Susan & Juliana Hutchings from Hollow Wells, both in Infant School.
14th February This being Ash Wednesday the children were taken to Church in the morning. Registers not marked - Attendance small.
16th February Average for past week 59.
19th February Marked the following off the Register on account of continual absence. Alfred James. Mary Bulford. Henrietta Cullingford. Louisa Perham. Admitted Albert Vincent from Copse House.
21st February Began "simple subtraction" with Standard 1. Had two or three complaints to make against Hardyman for carelessness.
23rd February Punished George Notley for playing truant, gave him two stripes with the cane.
26th February Admitted Alice Hoare from SheepWash
27th February Marked off several names from Register on account of continual absence.
1st March Fair attendance usual routine.
5th March Elizabeth Baker gone to service. Admitted Fred Warren. Had notice of Night School Examination.
8th March Usual routine
12th March Left several names off the register for continual absence. Present - ninety-two
14th March Attendance fair. children beginning to show marks of improvement.
19th March First Standard very backward in Subtraction.
23rd March Children very irregular. Been told that George Chick has been decoyed from school by Mr Fred Perham. This has happened several times, acquainted the Vicar of it.
26th March Several children absent without cause. James Pinney gone to work & Fredd Chick
28th March Several children absent on account of a funeral at Chapel. Standard I kept in to do a subtraction sum after 12.
29th March Cox late to school this morning. The school will close to­day for Good Friday. There will be no holiday Easter Week. Children coming very irregular, which keeps them back in their work. Marked off the Aplins' & Joseph Bowditch from the register for continual absence
3rd April Attendance very good in Class Room, but very thin in large school. Many absent for trifling causes.
4th April Had to punish George Chick for going off instead of coming to school. Gave an examination paper in Arithmetic & Dictation to upper classes, rather deficient in both. Arithmetic fair in all classes. Dictation bad in first. Many absent still without cause, Bessie & Emma Hutchings left the village.
6th. April Average attendance for past week 61.2. Number present at all ninety six, Took Standard I in Spelling and Reading.
8th April. Attendance today much better, admitted Edward Hussey, Louisa Hussey & Annie Cottrell, ** Lirl & Fred Samways present after a long absence
13th April Average attendance for past week 90.1, Number present at all 107. School improving.
16th April Very thin attendance today owing to the wet weather
17th April Admitted Henry Sims Aged 4. Attendance better today.
20th April. Owing to the very irregular attendance of the children the subjects are still very backward. Mary Spindle has gone to a dame's school. Admitted Henry Sims, Average for past week 74, present at all 91.
25th April George Hodder been absent since Monday, had liberty from his mother to go bird nesting. Children in this room very irregular.
26th April School very quiet today. Arithmetic improving in Standard I. Spelling deficient in Standard II. Teachers working very well with their classes. Attendance very fair.
30th April John Henry Marsh completed his engagement as pupil teacher today, but will remain this week to assist as the examination is near. Attendance very good today, but still a great many absent for trifling causes.
4th May Mary Hodder came on as a candidate for P.T. Henry Hardyman was not kept on account of his not being capable of managing a class. The children in Standards II, III, IV & V have carried home spelling lessons & they have been very fairly learnt. Mrs Perham at Whatley refused to allow her children to bring home lessons at all
7th May Fair school today. Admitted Henry Dike. Cox taken charge of upper classes & is working well,
9th May Rev DH & Mrs Spencer visited the school. Filled up a form for Ed. Dept*. of the approximate no to be examined. Good attendance. Probably 81 will be presented,
10th May Registers not marked this morning. Children taken to Church. Ascension Day,
11th May Average attendance 103.
The Fees of the School children are very backward. Out of a class of twenty I took only five pence.
Note: During the year local well known names appear - Hawker, Lacey, Meech, Peedon, Phelps, Forsey.
14th July Summary of the inspector's Report
This school has suffered through "being closed, some time on 
account of an epidemic: the results of the Examination are however fairly satisfactory. The Grammar and Geography will still bear improvement, but are better than last year. The Infants should be taught Needlework. The Registers should show in each quarter the admission number and accurate age of each child.
J H Marsh is now qualified under Article 79 but not under Article 60.
A G Cox has passed fairly.
M Hodder - Failure
Mr Symes will shortly receive his certificate.
Master: Jesse Symes, Certificated Teacher of the Second Class.Pupil-Teacher: Alfred George Cox, Fourth Year.
Assistant Teacher of Infants - Sewing: Amelia Symes.
Signed: D H Spencer 
 16th  July Admitted Hannah Singleton
19th July  Bessie Chick sent to school this morning, her brother coming in the afternoon. Kitty Woodman came and paid their school fees up to July 20th. Mrs Symes is very ill this morning. Polly Hodder is taking the infants. SO Cautioned children against throwing stones. Punished John Francis for throwing at Church Tower. 
24th July Attendance slightly increased, but still deficient.
Struck the following children's names from the registers on account of continual absence. Luke Paull, James Pinney, John Sirl, Emily Aplin, Rosa Barnes, Louisa Hussey, Henry Hussey and James Rowe. 30 Attendance very unfair especially in Standards I and II. No school tomorrow - Seaton Regatta.
1st August Thin attendance owing to Chard Fair.
6th August

Admitted Charles Dean. Attendance thin. A great many infants home ill with chicken -pox.

15th August 15 Punished Emma Samways for going in the classroom in playtime and stealing pencil. Cautioned children against taking what does not belong to them. Told them that stealing little things leads them on to stealing greater.
16th August No home lessons today. Attendance not good, great many away bird-keeping and some ill. Had notice from Vicar to close school tomorrow for a month.
17th August The school closes today for the Harvest Vacation of four weeks.
17th September Commenced school today after the usual harvest vacation.
Attendance thin. Admitted Maurice Francis.
23rd September Attendance very good. A great many still gleaning. Admitted Annie Phelps, Emily Rowe, Ellen Singleton and Ellen Warren.
24th September  Attendance very good. No school this afternoon, there is to be a treat for the day and Sunday school children.
28th September The attendance since the school treat has been very good indeed. Average for week 124. There is to "be a meeting in the school room today concerning the repairs needed to the school floor and premises.
1st October Struck off the following names from the registers-Fred Chick, Joe Bowditch, Geo Brown, and Henry Grimstead. Sarah Cottrell and Annie Peadon - for continued absence. 
8th October  Attendance thin. Admitted Fred Spencer. 
21st October Admitted John Thorne, Ellen Way and Walter Long. Began fires.
29th October The attendance today is very thin owing to the wet weather.
Punished Mary Ann Ward for telling a lie. Cautioned the school
against the evil of lying.
30th October Cox rather late to school this morning. Rev D H Spencer gave a
Scripture lesson to upper standards. Mary Hodder's Home work
done very unsatisfactorily.Struck off the following children's names from the registers on account of continual absence: Emily Deal, Edward Singleton, Ann Meech, Arm Vile. Maurice Francis is gone to work. 7 Admitted Henry George Taylor.
5th November  Master half an hour late to school. School opened by Rev D H
Spencer. Admitted Emma Jane Larcombe. 
19th November  The fees of the school children are very backward, out of a class of twenty four only 5 pence taken. Admitted Henry Smith.
20th November The secular instruction commenced at 9.5am to be continued until 11.15am.Admitted Jane White.The Diocesan Inspector examined the school in religious knowledge from 2.30 to 4.00pm. Children answered very fairly expecially the Infants.
23rd November The attendances this week have been unusually irregular. Several children at home with the Mumps. Average 88.
31st December Commenced school today after Xmas vacation. It was a longer vacation than usual as the school was under repair. Attendance thin.


7th January Admitted Henry William Chick
14th January Very poor school indeed. Marked off Emily &? Henry Cleal and
Joseph Bowditch from the registers on acct of continual absence.
21st January Better attendance. Henry Chick gone to work. William Drake gone to private school.
22nd January  Admitted Ellen Grimstead. The wet weather has caused a thin
31st January

The following children's names were marked off the registers on account of continual absence - Bessy Good, Mary Cross, John Roper, Ann Meech,Ann Vile, Emily deal, Julian and Ellen Way. Several absentees without cause.

Feb 1st  The average for the past week is 96.9. Number present at all 124. Elizabeth Hussey is ill with Scarletina. Two others are kept home in consequence. Standard I is improving in Arithmetic. Fred and George Chick are playing truant.
4th February The attendance has been very irregular of late. Have felt no effects from the late Act. Children absent as before.
Stopped lessons at 11.50 to address children in punctuality and regularity of Attendance. Re-admitted Louisa Barratt.
5th February Examined Standard I in Arithmetic and found it still very
backward. Attendance better. Left Job Long's name off the register through continual absence. Fred and Walter Long and James and Henry Rowe left off registers for absence. Had notice of Evening School Exam.
11th February Admitted Rosa Wills and re-admitted Emma and Bessie Hutchings. Poor attendance. Marked off the following names from the registers for continual absence - Emily Rowe, M J Rowe, Julian Hutchings, John Cottrell and Ernest Forsey.
12th February Attendance better. Admitted Richard Roper.
18th February Admitted Frederick & Sarah Jane Jennings and Emma Bridge
25th February Admitted Edward & Rosa Barnes. Attendance fair.
11th March

Admitted Henry Hussey
18th March Admitted Frank & Fred Larcombe from Leigh Lane. Mrs Symes unable to attend School this morning through illness. The lessons of this afternoon will be according to the "Time Table for Tuesday" afternoon, as Mrs Symes is ill in
bed and there is no one to attend to the sewing.
30th March Attendance very poor, owing to a heavy fall of snow.  Average for week only 86. Cox unable to come through the bad weather.  Took three classes together.
15th April Admitted Charlotte, Ellen, Tom, William and John Spearing and Syd: Robert Andrews & re-admitted Ann Vile.
17th April Re-admitted William Harry Crumplin.  Several attendances cancelled lately through children leaving early.
24th April Good attendance, although wet. Standard I requires a great deal of attention, as many of them are very dull and quite unable to comprehend their arithmetic.
29th April Admitted James Thorne. Thin attendance. Re-admitted Annie Barratt.
1st May Attendance not quite as good, probably owing to Chard Fair. Dictation better in second Standard.
8th May Left Bessy Good's name off as left, for continual absence. William Crumplin has left, gone to London with his parents. Cautioned the children against calling after old people, as I had previously heard of their doing so.  Told them to recollect the story of the "Old Prophet."

20th May Admitted John Baker.  Thin attendance. Re-admitted John Cottrell & Louisa Hussey.
24th May Grammar better in second standard. Mrs Spearing came to the school & informed me of being too severe - not with her children but with others.  I gave her to understand I meant to be more severe in future.
27th May Fair attendance.  Ellen Spearing left and gone to Miss Cox's school.
31st May Fair Attendance
Number admitted in past year  = 64
      "       left        "     "     "     = 51
Average for "     "                     = 101
Number on new register   = 159
3rd June Poor attendance. Admitted Fred Hallett (3) Louisa Butler (3) and Alice Larcombe (3)
7th June Average for past week 100. Pretty fair when considering its Whitsun week following. The school closes today for the usual WHITSUNTIDE HOLIDAYS.
17th June Commenced school after vacation. Re-admitted Caroline Cross, and admitted Ann Rowe & Harriet Hodder.
24th June Admitted Walter & Herbert Coombes & re-admitted Emma & Bessie Hutchings.Very fair attendance.
26th June Admitted Joe & Mary Hodder.  Children rather restless through the heat.
1st July A G Cox gone to Exeter to attend the scholarship examination.  Mrs Symes (with the Manager's consent) has gone to Lyme to recruit her health, Mary Hodder has the class-room, and the Standard work this week will differ slightly from the Time Table. Admitted Tom Learing, & George Cox.
8th July All teachers in their places, & the school being worked as per Time Table.Admitted Herbert Arthur Andrews.
9th July Admitted Fred Cox.
15th July Fair attendance. Admitted Louisa Hussey.
19th July A great many of the children having to go to a treat this afternoon a half holiday has been granted by the Rev D H Spencer, who visited the school this morning.
I liked what I saw of the work of this School very much: the children are in good order, and the teaching is evidently careful and effective, and there has been a considerable increase in the number of children presented for examination. Arithmetic in the upper standards requires attention. Most of the failures are due to simple carelessness in the working. The classes
examined for the Extra Grant passed very fairly. Mrs Symes deserves a word of praise for her teaching in the Infant Department: a better supply of slates is required here and a paid monitor should be appointed.
The names of C. Trenchard, S Golsworthy and A Cross have been struck off the Examination Schedule under Article 19(B)1.
My Lords are of opinion that new Offices should at once be built for the accommodation of the girls and infants attending this school, as the present arrangement is highly unsatisfactory (Article 32(b)).
A Symes is recognised as qualified under Article 32(c)3.
M Hodder:  Failure
A G Cox:    Euclid Grammar and History.
Master:Jesse Symes (Certificated Teacher of the Second Class)
Asst Teacher of Infants and Sewing:  Amelia Symes
Pupil Teacher:  Alfred George Cox - Fifth Year

Signed: D H Spencer
22nd July  Admitted John Cross & re-admitted Joseph Bowditch. Fair attendance.
29th July Very fair attendance.  Admitted Charley Dyke & re-admitted Bessy Good.
30th July Re-admitted Louisa Barratt.  Attendance rather thin on account of Seaton Regatta.
2nd August The school closes today for the usual HARVEST VACATION

2nd September Commenced school after the Harvest vacation.  Gave children notice of the school fees being raised after this week. Admitted Flora Andrews.
3rd September The attendance is very thin on account of children being kept home leasing, Harvest being late through the wet weather. Standard II backward in Tables.
16th September Admitted Mary White & Fred: Wm Collard. Fair attendance.
23rd September Very good school. Punished John Francis for disobedience. Found two or three children telling untruths and punished them.
25th September Very good attendance.  Admitted Mary Cook.

30th September Very fair attendance.  Mrs Symes obliged to resign her duties for a month through illness.  Admitted Fred: Geo: & Herbert Warren.
1st October Admitted Eliza Spencer
2nd October Admitted Elizabeth Samways
7th October Admitted Elizbeth Spencer and Richard Roper.

14th October The school fees have been raised to-day. Some parents refuse to pay it, and some say they cannot, reported same to Rev D H Spencer. Fair attendance.

21st October Marked the following children off the register for continual absence = Fred Larcombe, Bessie Hutchings, Mary Jane Jennings and Hy: Ward. Fair
attendance. Admitted Edith Jane Whitemoor Bond. Shall be absent this afternoon for about twenty minutes.
25th October Cox absent. Better attendance. Standard II working very noisily. Punished Henry Trenchard.  1st for telling a lie and 2nd for refusing to hold out his
hand. He made a great noise, of which I took no notice.
6th November Having heard of a boy at Merriott who wished to become a pupil Teacher I went yesterday to ascertain about him. Found him to be a teacher but the master gave him such a poor character that he would not suit here.
18th November Viscount Bridport & the Rev D H Spencer came in the school this morning
22nd November Good school this week, but many children still away, some from illness, others no cause whatever.  Mr Marsh, who is supposed to look up the truants,never comes near the school.
11th December Attendance fair, slightly falling off. Children writing badly through cold hands.

20th December The school closes today for the Christmas holiday


6th January School commenced today after the Xmas vacation of two weeks, rather poor
13th January Better attendance today, but still low.  Marked off Jos: Bowditch, Fred Taylor and John Lacey for continual absence.
23rd January Louisa Perham, Annie & Flora Perham left the school and gone to Miss Cox's.
27th January Admitted Allen & Alfred Welch
4th February Standard II at Geography for a short time contrary to Time Table, on account of my being obliged to leave, having been on an inquest which was adjourned.
5th February Poor attendance. Punished Oliver Frances for interrupting catechism lesson.
18th February Having heard a boy swearing last night and not knowing who it was, I spoke very strongly to the whole school, and cautioned them against it.
10th March Admitted Walter Cleal and Emily Cross.

24th March Re-admitted Eliz: and Emma Hutchings and M J Jennings. Parish meeting in the classroom this afternoon consequently the Infants have to be removed
31st March Admitted Ann James, Thomas Burrows and Samuel Bridle.
7th April Admitted Emma Clarke and Rosa Thorne
9th April Admitted Edward Rutter. Mr Marsh called
21st April Admitted James Rowe. Re-admitted Jane White.
25th April Better average this week. Children not able to go out together for
recreation.The girls leave five minutes and return before boys leave, as the masons are pulling old closet down and building a new one nearer the school.
28th April Admitted Annie Rowe and Annie Bridle.
2nd May Owing to a circus in Chard to-day a great many children are absent. Holiday this afternoon in consequence.
5th May Much thinner attendance today. Admitted William Hawker (Forde Abbey), Louisa Clarke (Leigh Lane) and Annie Trenchard (Winsham).
13th May There is a deviation from the Time Table today, Rev D H Spencer having been acquainted of the same.  The upper Standards examined on paper. The lower Standards on slates. Admitted Giles James.
19th May Fair attendance. Fred Chick playing truant.
30th May School closes for the Whitsuntide Holidays.
9th June School opened this morning.  Admitted James and Alexander Hodder.
16th June Very poor school indeed, probably owing to the heavy rain. The Singletons and Cleals have measles. Admitted Mary E. Spurdle.
23th June Re-admitted Annie & Flora Perham.  Edith Bourne gone to Miss Dunster's - a dame school.
26th June No School this morning. This afternon the attendance is very poor indeed.Only 41 present. The registers were marked before 2.30 in order to allow of children leaving a little earlier as there is to be a magic lantern in the schoolroom this evening.A great number of children ill with measles. One died yessterday (Henry Singleton).

School closed on account of the measles for an unlimited time.

2nd July


Mr Symes has done a very fair twelve-month's work; still the Arithmetic must be attended to, as that is the weakest part of the work. The writing is much improved, and the Reading intelligent. The Infant Department did fairly well. The class-subjcts earn the Grant, but the Geography of the third Standard is weak.
The scholars numbered 55, and 80 on the Examination Schedule are disqualified by Attendances (Article 19 13).
A Symes is recognised as qualified to serve under Article 32(c)3.
21st July School commenced today having been closed 3 weeks & 2 days. Very fair
attendance. Over 100 present.
25th July Great many children away again today. Average for past week 118.1.  In the report received July 2nd, it was stated that two were disqualified by attendances, but it was afterwards found to be a slip copying from the schedule. Having made out the duplicate first. The 12 shillings to be added to grant for 1880.
4th August Admitted Fred Dening, Fred Larcombe. Fair attendance. Admitted Jessie Vile.Ada Vardy left. John Genge.
7th August The Chicks backward in paying school pence. Gave them so long to bring it,or else be sent home. Dening asked leave to go to Seaton.
8th August Punished Henry Cleal for playing truant and George Chick for impertinence and refusing to do what he was told by his teacher.
14th August Mr Young from Chard took the likeness of a few of the elder children between nine & ten a.m.  Lessons resumed soon enough to mark registers. Began simple long division with 3rd standard and long division of money with 4th. The boys in each standard are more backward than the girls.
4th September Mary Hodder is ill and unable to attend school today. Closed school today for HARVEST VACATION of three weeks.
29th September School commenced this morning. Admitted Bessy Hodder.  Very good attendance for first day after holidays.
6th October School commenced this morning. Admitted Bessy Hodder.  Very good attendance for first day after holidays.
13th October Re-admitted John Thorne, a slight mistake made in marking Girls' Registers "Infants room".  Mrs Symes is ill and unable to attend to her duties.
Admitted Walter Green aged 10 years. Sent home George Chick & Bessy as their mother refused to pay their school fees. Re-admitted Edith Jane Whitemore Bond.
6th November Upper standards wrote an account of Gunpowder Plot for composition.
17th November Admitted Walter White
26th November There will be a slight alteration in the Time Table to-day on account of my being absent this afternoon to attend a funeral at Thorncombe.  The silent lessons will be taken this afternoon.
10th December Punished Henry Aplin (Cleal) for playing truant. He runs away from School very often and his mother wished me to punish him. Fair attendance.
11th December Mary Hodder fell and hurt her wrist which prevents her doing any writing lessons. Fair attendance.
19th December Rev D H Spencer visited the school which closes today for the CHRISTMAS VACATION of one week.
31st December Mrs Symes is ill and unable to attend school. No sewing this afternoon for girls. The following children's names have been marked off the registers for continual absence without cause: Mary Dyke, Minnie Trenchard, Walter Greene and Mary Francis left school. Mrs Symes will be obliged to be absent from school for one month.


1st January Half holiday this afternoon
5th January Admitted Albert Miller. Very fair attendance this afternoon.
12th January Admitted Sarah Jane Cottrell
13th January Very poor school indeed. One register this morning with none present, and only one this afternoon.
5th February Admitted Edith Jessie Symes
9th February Re-admitted Annie Acland. Poor attendance
23rd February Much better attendance this morning. Admitted Tom Loaring and re-admitted William Hawker. James and Rosa Thorne leaving the village.
24th February We shall deviate from the "Time Table" today, in order to give an
Rev D H Spencer has been made acquainted of the same.
Re-admitted Fred Barratt.
My father dangerously ill, the registers were marked at 1.40 to enable me to leave a little early to go and see him.
25th February John Thorne leaving the village to return to Castle Cary.
15th March Admitted Albert Beagge and Allen Welch has gone to work.
16th March Re-admitted Walter Samways. Fair attendance. Admitted Frederic Boait.
26th March No school. "Good Friday".
1st April Arithmetic taken before eleven and transcription at 11.30 to enable me to leave to go and see my father who is dangerously ill.
2nd April Ellen Warren and Charles Dyke left the village. Very poor attendance.
12th April Very poor attendance this morning, especially in upper standards, several away with very frivolous excuses.
13th April Walter Samways and Minnie Trenchard left school. Fair attendance.
15th April John Rowe gone to work without permission, not having passed 3rd Standard.Ben Paull and Sam Dening gone to work in the same way.
19th April Attendance not very good. Sam J Dening came to school this morning.
Commenced scripture lessons according to Diocesan syllabus. Received 100 new Bibles and Testaments from Rev D H Spencer.
22nd April Gave an examination in Arithmetic to Standards III, IV, V &VI from 11 to 12 with very fair results.
Standard I very backward, Dening not being adapted fro teaching is unable to make any progress with them.
26th April Job Long and Emily Cleal gone to work. Fair attendance.
Fred Barratt's name left off the register for continual absence.
27th April George Hodder is gone to work.Attendance a little better.
3rd May Admitted Mary Loaring in classroom.Attendance not good.
5th May Henry Dyke gone to work. Very poor attendance, several children gone to Chard fair. Mary Hodder absent from eleven o'clock with my permission.
7th May Left Annie Cottrell's name off the Register for continual absence. The irregular attendance is a great drawback to the school.
The Bye-laws have not had the slightest effect, simply because they are not worked.
14th May The school closes today for the usual
25th May Admitted James and John Bragge from WhiteGate.
28th May Dening leaves the school today.
Have a rather thin attendance which is a great drawback so near on the examination.John Cook commenced.
31st May Admitted Charles Loud from Marshwood.
This is the end of the school year.
28th June Admitted Ernest Hawker and re-admitted James Rowe. Only fair attendance today.
29th June Punished Henry Cleal for playing truant. He is often away from the same cause. The girls and boys are not able to leave for recreation at the same time, as the school closets are being painted, and all are obliged to use the outer ones for a day or two.
30th June Girls occupied play ground today but not offices. The well is finished.Fair attendance.
1st July John Francis and Sam: John Dening have gone to work.
6th July Punished William Singleton at his mother's request for playing truant.
12th July Admitted Ernest Reed, aged 3 years and a half.
19th July The following children's names struck off the registers for continual
absence without excuse - Sarah Phelps, Emily Cleal, and Ann Langford -Henrietta Hutchings gone to service.
Admitted Henry Rowe.
Attendance not good today, especially in upper standards.
22nd July Holiday - Church Choir gone to Weston Super Mare - Teachers belonging to Choir necessitated an Holiday.
23rd July 1880 Summary of the Inspector's Report
There is some good work done in this school, notably the Reading throughout,
and the spelling of the younger children, but the upper classes are weak in
Arithmetic, and the first Standard broke down "in Notation."
M Hodder has passed fairly.

Master: Jesse Symes, Certificated Teacher of the Second Class.

Assistant Teacher of Infants and Sewing: Amelia Symes

Pupil Teacher: Mary Hodder - Second Year.


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