Winsham School Log Book Extracts - 1866 to 1879
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January 11th  Severe snowstorm. Holiday.
January 24th Some of children away at funeral.
February 2nd Good many away again today especially in 1st and 2nd Class. Work fair
March 16th Day of Humiliation; Church.
April 20th Better attendance today owing to the giving out of prizes.
May 9th Attendance very fair this morning, busy for the Inspector this afternoon. Disappointed this afternoon of the Inspector’s visit.
May 10th Ascension Day. Holiday in afternoon.

Copy of Summary of the Inspector’s Report on the School

The Master is zealous and has done a good deal under the circumstances especially in the upper standards. The Discipline and the notation require attention. More books are needed.

If it appears from H M Inspector’s Report next year that the books are defective, a reduction will be made in the grant under Article 52 (a).

The twelfth Supplementary Rule must in future be carefully complied with, a Portfolio must be provided Article 50 (b), and the School Accounts should be submitted to H M Inspector.

The total number of attendances of all the Scholars (34854) divided by the number of times the School has been held (440) gives an average attendance of 79 instead of 81 as stated in the Manager’s return.
See Supplementary Rule 11.
The grant under Article 40 (a) has therefore been calculated upon the former number.
The sum of £5 received from Beltour (?) Charity being a fund inalienably appropriated to Education (article 93) has been treated under Article 53 of the Revised Code for 1866”

S A Ware April 18th 1866.

May 17th Reading and Tables this morning better. Went through Scripture. Inspector came this afternoon but though the work went off pretty well, 3 of boys behaved badly, obliged to punish them after school
May 18th Broke up for Whitsun Holidays.
June 22nd Girls over needlework very tiresome. Other work fair.
June 26th Went to Martock Festival, Holiday.
July 2nd Attendance thinner. Haymaking. Wife very busy superintending needlework
July 25th Chapel treat. Several of children away, especially little ones.
August 3rd Work rather slack.Broke up for the HARVEST HOLIDAY
October 8th Attendance thinner. Fine day. Potato digging.
October 15th Attendance poor in 1st Class, busy with apples and potatoes.
November 5th Children excited about Guy Fawkes.
November 6th In consequence of sudden death of my little girl, obliged to suspend school.
November 7th School carried on by Monitors.
November 8th Children very quiet. I cannot do any work.
November 9th Children very quiet.
December 17th Attendance fair, could not do much in School owing to a bad headache.
December 21st Broke up today for the Xmas Holidays.Wished them all a happy New Year and hoped they would begin well by all returning to school at proper time etc.



Jan 7th School resumed. Poor attendance owing to wet weather.  
Jan 10th Children got behindhand
Feb 22nd End of yearly Registers. Scripture good.  Attendances this quarter very                 poor.
March 1st Some of 1st class away this week.
March 18th Work fair; attendance very poor, the weather being very bad.
April 16th Diocesan Inspector’s visit.
April 30th End of School Year.  
May 21st Very busy today.  Getting ready for tomorrow.  
22nd May:  1867:  Master:  P J Shurfield, Certificated Teacher
23rd May  Went to Pillesdon Hill with the elder ones for a holiday.
June 7th Scripture good.  Broke up for the Whitsun Holiday.  
June 26th Fire occurred here this morning.  No school in afternoon.
June 28th Arithmetic in 1st Class not so good.                         Report from Council Office came.
July 4th No school.  Choral Festival.
Copy of Summary of the Inspector’s Report   “The discipline is pretty fair.  The instruction appears to have been imparted with fairly satisfactory results.  The Arithmetic requires more attention.”   Fewer failures in Arithmetic will be looked for next year. No extra grant is payable in this case as Section 1a of the Minute of the 20th February 1867 has not been fulfilled.
July 26th Arithmetic in 1st Class not so good.                         Report from Council Office came.
2nd August  Broke up for the holidays. Last day of my services in the school. It is hoped that they would do better with my successor than with myself.
Sept 2nd Commenced my duties in the Winsham National School.  Admitted Martha Marks, Mary J Marks, Mary Roper, Eliza Collard, Elizabeth Collard, Heziah Bridle, William Brown, Jane Hodder andBenjamin   Hodder.
Sept 3rd Found a great defect in the spelling of the upper standards.
Sept 5th Rather a thin attendance owing to wet weather.   Admitted Harry Chick
Sept 9th Admitted George Baker
Sept 12th Miss Ware visited the school
Sept 16th Admitted Mary J Baker and James Stacey.  Hyrum Case’s Indentures signed
Sept 17th Several children absent, working in the fields
Sept 24th Naomi Hynard left the school
Sept 25th          Half Holiday.  Attended the Harvest home at Lord Bridport’s with the fife and drum band.
26th September  Children’s annual school treat. Marched through the village with the Drum & Fife Band, & took tea in Mr Ware's meadow.
Sept 30th Admitted James Searle, Richard Paull, William Rowe and Robert                                         Tarran
Oct 3rd Holiday.  Went with the monitors to Combe St Nicholas  
Oct 8th Admitted Sydney Harvey
Oct 9th Miss Ware took the upper Standards in Singing.
Oct 10th John Bevis left the school
Oct 22nd Admitted M A Larcombe
Oct 23rd Miss Ware visited the School  
Oct 24th Several boys absent, apple picking  
Oct 28th Admitted Henry Larcombe
Oct 31st Several boys absent, fruit picking
Nov 4th Several boys absent, fruit picking
Nov 6th Thin attendance, owing to Chard Fair
Nov 11th Admitted Flora Crisp, Mary Cleal and Rose Aplin.  Thomas Lacey left the school
Nov 15th Heard the 4th and 5th Standards repeat the Collect and Gospel  
Nov 26th Admitted Mary Jane Dear
Nov 29th The following infants left, Harriet Long, Mary Jane Baker, Matilda  Mitcham, Jane Hawker, Mary Welsh, Herbert Singleton, John Dean, George Morris, William Long, Edward Rowe, Flora Stacey, Samuel England and George Dean.
Dec 4th Miss Ware visited the school  
Dec 20th Closed the school for the Xmas Vacation


Jan 6th Commenced school after Xmas vacation.  Admitted Henrietta Jeffery.
Jan 7th Thin attendance, especially among the infants, owing to the cold   weather.  Keziah Bridle left the school.
Jan 10th Children unable to come to school, owing to the slippery state of the roads
Jan 13th Admitted Eva Jeffery
Jan 27th Admitted Adelaide and John Jeffery, John England and Flora Stacey
Feb 3rd Admitted Emily Singleton, Bertie Singleton and Henry Larcombe
Feb 4th Admitted Robert England
Feb 10th Thomas Dicker, Melonia Cook left the school
Feb 12th Spelling improving in the upper standards. Lady Bridport visited the  school
Feb 17th Admitted Jane and Sydney Hawker
Feb 26th Ash Wednesday - Attended a service in the church
March 4th Miss Ware visited the school.  Admitted Annie James
March 5th Harry Larcombe left school for work
March 9th Admitted Emily Cook
March 11th Attendance rather poor, owing to the state of the weather
March 16th Admitted Henry Hardyman.  Jabez Hitchcock left the school
March 19th Rather a thin attendance.  Punished George Davey for theft
20th March  Rosa Dork left school for service.
March 25th Miss Ware gave a singing lesson to the 1st and 2nd classes .        Jane and Benjamin Hodder left the school
March 30th Rosa Dark left school, for service . Admitted Ellen Crop and George Hodder and Eva Singleton  
March 31st M A Larcombe left school for service  
April 6th Sydney Harvey left the school and Ruth Meech for service.         Admitted Joseph Turner and George Aplin
April 7th Several children absent, potato planting
April 14th Admitted William and Robert Perham
April 16th Whooping cough prevalent among the little ones
April 23rd Took the 3rd Standard in arithmetic. Received notice of HM Inspector’s visit  
April 27th William and Gertrude Barnes left the school
April 30th End of School Year
May 4th Admitted William Beer, Ella Welsh, Frederick Seaward and Richard Beer
May 5th Admitted  George Meech and Edward Perham
May 6th Holiday - Pupil Teachers’ Examination
8th May 12th Holiday. Confirmation at Crewkerne.
May  1868 Master - Charles Marks Home - CertificatedTeacher   

Pupil Teacher - Hyam Case in First Year  

May 15th Took the children out for recreation in Mr Hodder’s meadow
May 18th Classified the children under their standards                         Admitted Hugh Trenchard
May 21st Everything going on as usual.  Admitted Luke Paul.
May 25th Harry Larcombe left school for work
May 29th Still a very poor attendance. Whitsuntide Vacation
June 8th Commenced school after a week’s vacation.                         Admitted John Turner, John Pitcher and Charles Pitcher.
June 9th Admitted Eustace Boon
June 11th Several children absent in the hay fields Copy of Summary of Inspector’s Report on the School: "The School is in very fair order, and the examination was, in most respects, satisfactory” No grant can be made for William Way and James Stacey who are mere babies. Signed: S A Ware June 15th 1868
June 15th Admitted Keziah Bridle, Abraham Roper, Esther Roper, James Cross,Bessie Dark, Ashley Dark, Mary Brown, George Brown, Henry Bulford , Annie Clarke, Tom Warren, Herbert Boon  
June 22nd Admitted Mary Jane Baker and Elizabeth Baker
June 23rd          Jesse Symes, the pupil teacher came from Combe  
June 26th Several children came late.  Melvina Cook left school for work
June 30th Holiday.  Choral Festival at Martock
July 1st Tom Loaring, William Case and James Bridle left school  
July 2nd Rose Aplin, George Aplin and Thomas Franks left school.          Malvina Cook, Alfred Hodges, left school for work.                    Thomas and Bessie Vincent left the school  
July 6th Jane Lacey and William Marsh left school
July 8th Mary Roper left the school.  Miss Ware took the 1st and 2nd classes in singing
July 11th Home lessons better said.  Charles Rowe left school for work
July 13th Admitted Frederick and Albert Singleton and John Bevis.  Admitted George Bond  
July 20th Admitted Louisa Bond
July 27th A great many children absent, sent leasing
July 31st           Broke up for the Harvest Holidays.  Harvest Vacation 3 weeks.
Aug 24th Commenced school. Fair attendance. Admitted Lydia and Jane  Roper, Robert Roper and G Boait
Aug 25th Thin attendance of children.  Eliza Collard, Elizabeth Hynard, M A  Barnes and Frederick Larcombe left the school
Aug 26th Several of the elder children absent, potato picking.
Aug 27th The Chapel school treat, several absent.
Aug 31st Admitted Emily Cleal, William Barnes, Elizabeth Paul, Rhoda Paul and Frederick Chick
Sept 1st Sarah Ann Raisen, William and John Raisen left the school.
Sept 3rd Children’s Annual School Treat held in the school room. A great   many persons present
Sept 4th Not such a good attendance owing to several children attending  Crewkerne Fair
Sept 7th Not such a good attendance owing to several children attending                                            Crewkerne Fair
Sept 10th Several children absent from having swollen faces
Sept 14th          Admitted William Baker, Caroline Crop, John Crop and George   Trenchard , Jane Kerslake left the school
Sept 21st Admitted George Bowditch
Sept 23rd Several children absent picking apples
28th September Opened the Evening School.
Oct 1st Several of the children picking acorns
Oct 5th Attendance better than the previous week. Mrs Henley visited the   school
Oct 26th A great many of the children absent picking acorns.
Nov 10th Admitted William Grimsted
Nov13th         Everything going on as usual. Good attendance. Admitted George Holbrook

Miss Ware visited the school. Mrs and Miss Henley visited the school

Nov 23rd Admitted William Stacey, James and Elizabeth Searle, and Eliza Paul
Nov 30th

Admitted William Single, Jane Single and Elizabeth Long.         The following children have been left out of the register: John and   William Baker, Elizabeth Paul, Lydia Roper, Ashley Dark, Bessie Dark, Mary Cox, Annie Clark and Herbert Singleton

Dec 7th Admitted Richard Cook and M J Seaward
Dec 8th Admitted Hannah Searle
Dec 14th Admitted William Long
Dec 24th Closed the School for the Xmas Vacation


 Jan 11th Commenced School after the Xmas vacation.                         Admitted the following children.  Fanny Butler, Jane Butler, Kate Hoare, Flora Trenchard, Aaron Bulford.

 Jan 12th   George Hutchings, Emma Davey and Hannah Meech left the school.
 Jan 18th Admitted Elizabeth Perham, Vashti Persham, Hy Perham, Esther Single and Rose Collinsford.
Jan 25th Admitted Mary Hazel.
Feb 1st  Admitted Rebecca Beer.
Feb 2nd            Admitted Elizabeth Singleton.
Feb 8th            Martha and M J Marks left the school, Tom Dunster left for work.  
Feb 10th Ash Wednesday.  Attended Church Service.
Feb 15th Admitted Guppy and John Smith.Wm and Elther Single left school
Feb 17th Admitted M Jane Baker.
Feb 23rd Admitted M Jane Baker.
 March 1st Admitted Bessie Rowe, Chas Baker and Arthur Beer.
March 5th

Everything going on as usual.  Elizabeth, Jane and Robt left the   school.

 March 16th Admitted Jane Bond and Edward Rowe.   Jane Way left school for service.
March 26th Good Friday.
April 5th  Jas Searle and Ellen Welsh left the school.
April 6th Thin attendance.  Mark Paul left for work, Richd Paull left for work.
April 7th  Very fair attendance.  Eliza Paul left school
April 8th Several boys absent, bird-keeping.
April 9th  Home lessons said very nicely.  Miss Evans visited the school.
April 12th Admitted Fredk Larcome.  Richard Cook, Hannah and Elizabeth Searle left for work. & S Davey.  Several boys absent, planting  potatoes
April 13th James Grimstead left for work.
April 16th Attendance poor owing to wet weather.                         Henry Loaring left school for work.  
April 26th Admitted Anne Smith                         Received notice of HMs Inspector’s visit.
May 3rd Pupil Teacher examined at Taunton
May 4th Rather a thin attendance, owing to wet weather.  Mary Hazel left the parish.
May 5th Attendance thin, many of the children gone to Chard Fair.
May 10th John Perrott left for work.

MASTER:  Charles M Hoare, Certified Teacher, 3rd deg

May 24th Commenced school after a week’s vacation.                         Admitted William Bowditch, Elizabeth Denning and Abigail Dodson
May 25th John and Charles Pitcher left the school.                         Admitted George Bond, Charles Cook, Tom Warren, William Wills, Samuel Paul, Harry White, John Cook, John Singleton, William Searle, Joseph Burridge, William Lang, Emily Cook and Mary
May 31st Admitted Tom Boon and Emily Singleton.                         Frederick Holbrook and Malonia Cook left the school.
June 4th Elizabeth and William Long left the school.
June 7th Admitted Harriet Long and Mary Beaufort. Emily Meech left the school, and Abigail Forsey.
June 9th Admitted George and Sarah Davey.
June 14th Frederick Larcombe left the school
June 16th Miss Ware took the children in singing. esse Symes’ indentures signed.
June 18th Emma J Chick left school for service.
June 21st Admitted William Singleton.
June 22nd Several children absent through measles.
June 24th A great many children absent in the hay fields.
June 29th Attendance better than yesterday. Abigail Dodson left the school.
COPY OF SUMMARY OF INSPECTOR’S REPORT AND REMARKS. “The School is in a pretty fair state of general efficiency.  I am told that the attendance is more than ordinarily irregular, and this may account for the upper classes passing such a very poor examination. The Grant is reduced by £10 under Article 52/b. Unless much better results are shown next year, the Grant will suffer reduction under Article 52/a. J Symes is admitted at the beginning of the second year.  He should improve especially in Geography.”   Signed S A Ware, Winsham Vicarage, June 8th 1869   NB.  The above reduction of the grant was evidently caused by a mistake.  The facts of the case were subsequently laid before the Committee of Council and the £10 remitted.  June 23rd 1869.  
S A Ware, Winsham Vicarage


July 2nd Several children absent in the hay fields.
July 12th Holiday.  Choir treat to Seaton.
July 19th Admitted Samuel England.
July 27th Home lessons imperfectly worked.                         Admitted Joseph Rowe.
July 29th Several children gone to Chard.Admitted Frederick Palmer and Elizabeth Paul.
Aug 2nd  Admitted Frederick Palmer and Elizabeth Paul.
 Aug 30th           Admitted Harry Smith, Herbert Franks, Gertrude Barnes and Flora Trenchard. Wm Stacey, John Stacey and James Stacey left school. Elizabeth Dunston left school for service.
Aug 31st  Admitted Ann Acland and George Boait.
Sep 1st Holiday. Went to Seaton with the Band.
Sep 2nd Attendance poor. Eliza Collard and Alfred Hodges left school.      Admitted Ellen Way.
Sep 6th Admitted George Dean
Sep 7th Children’s School Treat.  Tea held in the schoolroom.  After tea the children played in the meadow.
Sep 8th Charles Cook left school for work.
Sep 9th Measles prevalent among the children.
Sep 13th Admitted Harry Loring.
Sep 14th Elizabeth Pigeon left the school.
Sept 20th Measles very bad among the children - nearly 20 absent on that account.
Sep 27th George England left the school.
Sep 28th Unable to attend school ; owing to my little boy’s death.
Oct 1st Measles still increasing amongst the children.
Oct 4th  Attendance slightly improving.                         Opened the Night School.
Oct 25th  Attendance much better today. Admitted Flora, John, Wm and Tom Stacey. Herbert and Eustace Boon left school.
Nov 1st Admitted Ann Butler and Hannah Bishop and Ann Bishop and James  Searle. Admitted Henrietta Jeffery.
Nov 2nd Admitted Hannah Searle
Nov 8th Admitted Eva Jeffery.
Nov 25th The following children's names left out of the register owing to continued absence: Chas. Baker, John Cooke, Wm. Singleton, Tom Boon, Wm. Lang, Joseph Rowe, Hy. Smith, Tom Stacey, Harriet Long, Jas. Grinsted, Mark Paul & Flora Stacey.
Nov 26th Frederick Palmer left the school.
Dec 20th Admitted Adelaid Jeffery

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