Names in Winsham School Log Books 
1863 - 1876

The following is a chronological list of entries, containing masters', pupils' and visitors' names, that appear in the Winsham School Log Books. Repetitive entries are omitted, transcriber's notes are in parentheses.

Please remember that spellings for names may frequently change - see this note. On this page original spellings as they occur in the records are used.



March 1st Chief Teacher. Peter Thomas Shonfield
H.B. Barry H.M.I. (Her Majesty's Inspector)

September 13th Mr Henry Ware examined 1st Class in Scriptures.

September 2nd Commenced my duties in the Winsham National School. (Charles M Hoare).
Admitted Martha Marks, Mary J Marks, Mary Roper, Eliza Collard, Elizabeth Collard, Keziah Bridle, Wm. Brown, Jane Hodder & Benjamin Hodder.
September 5th Admitted Hy. Chick
September 9th Admitted George Baker
September 12th Miss Ware visited the school. (note - repeated often)
September 16th Admitted Mary J Baker & James Stacey.
Hylum Case's indentures signed.
September 24th Naomi Hynard left the school.
September 30th Admitted James Searle, Richd. Paull, Wm. Rowe & Robert Tarran
October 8th Admitted Sydney Harvey
October 10th John Bevis left the School
October 22nd Admitted M.A. Larcombe
October 27th Admitted Henry Larcombe
November 4th Admitted Flora Trenchard
November 11th Admitted Flora Crisp, Mary Cleal & Rose Aplin.
Thos. Lacey left the school.
November 26th Admitted Mary Jane Dean
November 29th The following infants left, Harriet Long, Mary Jane Baker, Matilda Mitcham, Jane Hawker, Mary Welsh, Herbert Singleton, John Dean, George Morris, Wm. Long, Edward Rowe, Flora Stacey, Samuel England, George England & George Dean.

January 6th Admitted Henrietta Jeffery.
January 7th Keziah Bridle left the school.
January 13th Admitted Eva Jeffery.
January 27th Admitted Adelaide and John Jeffery & George England & Flora Stacey.
February 3rd Admitted Emily Singleton, Bertie Singleton & Henry Larcombe.
February 4th Admitted Robert England.
February 10th Thos. Dicker & Melvina Cook left the school.
February 17th Admitted Jane & Sydney Hawker.
March 4th Admitted Annie James.
March 5th Hy. Larcombe left the school for work.
March 9th Admitted Emily Cook.
March 16th Admitted Henry Hardyman.
Jabez Hitchcock left the school.
March 19th Punished George Davy for theft.
March 23rd Admitted Wm. Marsh, & Tom Hutchings. & Caroline Singleton.
March 25th Jane & Benjamin Hodder left the school.
March 30th Rosa Dark left school for service.
Admitted Ella Cross & George Hodder & Eva Singleton.
March 31st M.A. Larcombe left school for service.
April 6th Sydney Harvey left the school & Ruth Meech for service.
Admitted Joseph Turner & George Aplin.
April 14th Admitted Wm. & Robert Perham.
April 27th Wm. & Gertrude Barnes left the school.
May 4th Admitted Wm. Beer, Ella Welsh, Fredk. Seaward & Richard Beer.
May 5th Admitted George Meech & Edwd. Perham.
May 12th Martha Marks absent through illness.
May 15th Took the children out for recreation in Mr Hodder's meadow.
May 18th Admitted Hugh Trenchard.
May 21st Admitted Luke Paul.
May 25th Hy. Larcombe left school for work.
June 8th Admitted John Turner, John Pitcher & Chas. Pitcher.
June 9th Admitted Eustace Boon.
June 15th No grant can be made for William Wag and James Stacey who are mere babies.
Admitted Keziah Bridle, Abraham Roper, Esther Roper, James Cross, Bessie Dark, Ashley Dark, Mary Brown, George Brown, Henry Bulford, Annie Clarke, Tom Warren, Herbert Boon.
June 22nd Admitted Mary Jane Baker & Elizabeth Baker.
June 23rd Jesse Symes the pupil teacher came from Combe.
June 26th Melvina Cook left school for work.
June 29th Admitted Thos. lacey.
July 1st Tom Loaring, Wm. Case & Jane Bridle left school.
July 2nd Rose Aplin, George Aplin & Thos. Franks left school.
Malvina Cook, Alfd. Hodges left school for work.
Thos. & Bessie Vincent left the school.
July 6th Jane Lacey & Wm. Marsh left school.
July 8th Mary Roper left the school.
July 10th Chas. Rowe left school for work.
July 13th Admitted Fredk. & Albert Singleton & John Bevis.
Admitted George Bond.
July 20th Admitted Louisa Bond.
August 24th Admitted Lydia & Jane Roper, robt. Roper & G. Brait.
August 25th Eliza Collard, Elizth. Hynard, M.A. Barnes & Fredk. larcombe left the school.
August 31st Admitted Emily Cleal, Wm. Barnes, Elizh. Paul, Rhoda Paul & Fredk. Chick.
Sept 1st Sarah Ann Raisen, Wm. & John Raisen left the school.
Sept 7th Admitted Thirza Beer & Fredk. Hussey & H. Singleton.
Sept 14th Admitted Wm. Baker, Caroline Cross, John Cross & George Trenchard.
Jane Kerslake left the school.
Sept 21st Admitted George Bowditch.
Sept 28th Admitted Elizabeth & David Roper.
Nov 10th Admitted Wm. Grinsted.
Nov 16th Admitted G. Holbrook.
Nov 23rd Admitted Wm. Stacey, Jas & Elizh. Searle & Eliza Paul.
Nov 30th Admitted Wm. Single, Jane Single & Elizh. Long.
The following childrens names left out of the register, left John & Wm. Baker, Elizh. Paul, Lydia Roper, Ashley Dark, Bessie Dark, Mary Cox, Annie Clark & Herbert Singleton.
Dec 7th Admitted Rich Cook & M.J. Seaward.
Dec 8th Admitted Hannah Searle.
Dec 14th Admitted William Long.

January 11th Commenced school after the Xmas vacation. Admitted the following children. Fanny Butler, Jane Butler, Kate Hoare, Flora Trenchard, Aaron Bulford.
January 12th George Hutchings, Emma Davey & Hannah Meech left the school.
January 18th Admitted Elizh. Perham, Vashti Perham, Hy. Perham & Esther Single & Rose Collinsford.
January 25th Admitted Mary Hazel.
February 1st Admitted Rebecca Beer.
February 2nd Admitted Elizabeth Singleton.
February 8th Martha & M.J. Marks left the school, Tom Dunster left the school for work.
February 15th Admitted Guppy & John Smith.
February 17th Wm. & Esther Single left the school.
February 23rd Admitted Rebecca Perham & Martha Smith.
February 24th Admitted M. Jane Baker
March 1st Admitted Bessie Rowe, Chas. Baker & Arthur Beer
March 5th Elizabeth, Jane & Robt Roper left the school
March 16th Admitted Jane Bond & Edward Rowe.
Jane Way left school for service.
April 5th Jas Searle & Esther Welsh left the school.
Admitted Chas. Cook.
April 6th Richd Paul left for work.
Eliza Paul left school.
April 12th Admitted Fredk. Larcombe, Richd. Cook,
Hannah & Elizh. Searle left for work & S Davey.
April 13th Jas. Grinstead left for work.
April 16th Henry Loaring left school for work.
April 26th Admitted Anne Smith
May 4th Mary Hizel left the parish.
May 10th John Perrott left school for work
May 24th Admitted Wm. Bowditch, Elizh. Denning & Abigail Dodson
May 25th John & Chas. Pitcher left the school.
Admitted George Bond, Chas. Cook, Tom Warren, Wm. Wills, Saul Paul, Hy. White, John Cook, John Singleton, Wm. Searle, Joseph Burridge, Wm. Lang, Emily Cook & Mary Searle.
May 31st Admitted Tom Boon & Emily Singleton.
Fredk. Holbrook & Malonia Cook left the school
June 4th Elizh. & Wm. Long left the school
June 7th Emily Meech left the school & Abigail Fossey
June 9th Admitted George & Sarah Davey
June 14th Fredk. Larcombe left the school.
June 16th Jesse Symes' indentures signed.
June 18th Emma S. Chick left school for service.
June 21st Admitted Wm. Singleton
June 29th Abigail Dodson left the school.
July 19th Admitted Saul England.
July 27th Admitted Joseph Rowe.
August 2nd Admitted Fredk. Palmer & Elizh. Paul.
August 30th Admitted Hy. Smith, Herbert Franks, Gertrude Barnes & Flora Trenchard.
Wm. Stacey, John Stacey & James Stacey left school.
Elizh. Dunston left school for service.
August 31st Admitted Anne Acland & George Boait.
Sept 2nd Eliza Collard & Alfd. Hodges left school.
Admitted Ellen Way.
Sept 6th Admitted George Dean
Sept 8th Chas Cook left school for work
Sept 13th Admitted Hy. Loring
Sept 14th Elizh. Pigeon left the school.
Sept 15th Admitted Fredk. Larcombe
Sept 27th George England left the school
October 25th Admitted Flora, John, Wm. & Tom Stacey.
Herbert & Eustace Boon left school.
Nov 1st Admitted Ann Butler & Hannah Bishop & Ann Bishop & Jas. Searle.
Admitted Henrietta Jeffery
Nov 2nd Admitted Hannah Searle
Nov 8th Admitted Eva Jeffery
Nov 25th Admitted Merina Jeffery, George Trenchard & Arthur Beer.
The following childrens names left out of the register owing to continued absence: Chas. Baker, John Cooke, Wm. Singleton, Tom Boon, Wm. Lang, Joseph Rowe, Hy. Smith, Tom Stacey, Harriet Long, Jas. Grinsted, Mark Paul & Flora Stacey.
Nov 26th Fredk. Palmer left the school.
Dec 20th Admitted Adelaide Jeffery

Jan 10th Admitted John Jeffery
Jan 11th Admitted Jane & Ben Hodder
Jan 17th Admitted Hy. & Robt Smith.
Jan 31st Admitted Robert Davey.
Ashley Dark left the school.
Feb 7th Admitted Mary Cook.
Feb 16th Admitted Hy. Jeffery.
March 2nd The following children's names left off the register owing to irregularity of attendance. Arthur Beer, Joseph Burridge, Emma Singleton, Herbert Singleton, Alfd. Beer, Thyrza Beer & Rebecca Beer.
March 3rd F. Larcombe left school for work.
March 14th Admitted Solomon Musselwhite
March 21st Alfd. Hodges & F. Larcombe left school for work.
March 28th Fredk. Seaward left the school.
March 29th Admitted Wm. & Mary Salway.
April 4th Admitted George & Fredk. Morris
April 6th Anne Acland left the school.
April 11th Admitted Wm. Hodder & Tom Drake.
Elizabeth Collard left school for work.
April 14th Jane & Benjamin Hodder left school
May 4th Robert Davy left school for work.
May 12th Master. Chas M. Hoare, Certified Teacher 3rd Degree 3rd Division
Pupil Teacher - Jesse Symes, in 2nd year.
May 16th Admitted Thyrza Boon, Hannah Boon, Maria Hussey, Fredk. Hussey & Susan Hodges.
Jane Bond left the school, & Bessie Rowe & George Dean.
May 17th Admitted George Boon, Emily Meech, Elizh. Hussey, Harry Holbrook, Anne Peadon, Lucy Wills, Robert Beaufort, Richd. Denning & Edwd. Barnes.
May 23rd Admitted Mary J. Singleton & Fred Hussey.
June 14th Admitted George & Chas. Dean
June 20th Admitted Joseph Burridge & Chas Baker
June 21st Admitted George Notley.
June 27th Admitted Lucy Roper
July 5th Admitted Mary Larcombe
Aug 22nd Admitted Fredk. Hynand
Aug 29th Admitted George England, Robt. England & Joseph Turner & Eliza Hodges.
Aug 30th Admitted Jane Willy.
Sept 5th Admitted Elizabeth Collard
Sept 12th Admitted Thomas Spurdle.
Sept 22nd Olwen Hutchings & Jemima Stoodley left school.
Admitted William Snell.
Sept 26th John, Hy., Martha, Annie & Robt Smith left school.
Sept 28th Henrietta Jeffery, Jane Boait & Fredk. Hussey left school.
Sept 29th Flora Crisp, William & Lucy Wills left school.
Oct 3rd Admitted C. Cook, Fredk. Holbrook
Oct 10th Admitted Wm. Hook.
Nov 7th Admitted John Cox
Nov 14th Tom Hutchings died.
Nov 23rd The following children's names withdrawn from the Register, owing to continuous absence - Anne White, James Cross, Lucy Roper, Wm. Snell, Thos. Spurdle, Jane Willy, Tom Drake, George England, Robt. England, Merina Jeffery, Emily Meech, Elizh. Hussey, Fred Hussey, Mary larcombe, George Notley, Chas Baker, Robt. Beaufort, Joseph Burridge, Butler Ann.
Nov 28th Admitted John Way, Sarah Roper, Richd. White, Jane Hodder, Anne Acland, Mary Warren, Jane Singleton & Esther Singleton.
Dec 9th Rhoda and Samuel Paul left the school.

Jan 10th Hannah & Elizabeth Searle left school.
Jan 16th Admitted Fred Morris, G. Morris & Hy. Payne.
Jan 17th Admitted Olwen Hutchings
Jan 30th Admitted John Turner
Feb 20th Rebecca Perham left school.
Feb 21st James Searle left school for work.
Feb 27th Admitted George Grimstead.
March 13th Admitted Edith Perry & Henry Turner & Mary Brown.
March 15th Caroline Cross left the school.
March 24th William Hook left school for work.
March 27th Admitted Robert Gibbs.
Esther Singleton left school.
March 30th Fredk. Holbrook left school for work.
April 3rd Admitted Richd. Wyatt.
April 10th Admitted Bessie Ward
April 11th Admitted Charles Perham.
April 12th William & Chas. Baker left school.
April 13th Mary Cook, Chas. Cook & John Cook left school. & W. Hodder.
April 17th John Way left school for work.
May 1st Admitted John Burridge.
May 11th The following children's names left off the register Anne Scriven, Jonah Trenchard, Louisa Bond, John Turner, Elizh. Way, Hannah Bishop, George Bond, Ann Butler, Anne Hodder, Jane Butler, Wm. Grinstead, Ann Bishop.
May 12th Admitted Susan Hodges, Ellen Hodges, Emily Meech.
Admitted Fredk. Hussey, Lucy Wills.
May 15th Admitted Bessie Bailey.
May 16th Admitted Hy. Pinney & James Hawker.
May 22nd Admitted Mary Larcombe.
May 24th Mr Stayner examined the 3rd standard in Reading.
May 26th Mr Knight took the 3rd standard in Arithmetic.
June 5th Admitted Mary Hussey & Sarah Salway.
June 12th Admitted John & Chas. Dean.
June 15th Henry Payne left school & Hy. Bulford.
Gertrude Barnes & George Morris left the school.
June 16th Edith Perry left the Parish & school.
June 19th Aaron Bulford left the school & Keziah Bridle.
June 20th Mary & Emily Cleal left the school.
June 26th Hy. Chick & Fred. Chick removed from school.
Eva Jeffery & John Jeffery left the school.
Admitted George Dean & Anne Bishop.
June 30th Fredk. Singleton left school, for work.
July 3rd Admitted Mary Ward.
July 17th Admitted Adelaide Barnes.
July 24th Admitted Elizabeth Pidgen & Jane Boait.
August 29th Admitted Anne Scriven.
Sept 12th Admitted Wm. Barnes & Merina Warren.
Sept 19th Admitted Minnie Trenchard.
Admitted Sydney Harvey & Anne Hodder.
Sept 22nd The following children's names left off the register for continued irregularity of attendance Tom Paul, Henry Paul, Sarah Davey, Anne Bishop & George Perrott.
Sept 25th Admitted Flora Hodges.
Sept 27th Richard Denning left the school.
Oct. 11th Miss Evans visited the school.
Oct. 16th Admitted Elizabeth, Thomas & Henry Vincent & Albert Hutchings.
Oct 17th Admitted Mary Warren.
Oct 23rd Caroline Singleton left the school.
Oct 30th Admitted Keziah Bridle, Isabella Hussey & Robt. Hussey.
Nov 15th Mrs Henley visited the school.
Nov 30th The following names left off the register for irregularity of attendance; Keziah Bridle, Anne Scriven, William Barnes, George Dean, George Brown, Mary Brown, Ella Cross, Flora Hodges, Wm. Salway, Fred Morris, Elizh. Brown.
Dec 12th Admitted Sarah White & Emma Davey.

Jan 9th Admitted Thomas Jeffery.
Jan 10th Admitted Henry Trenchard.
Jan 15th Admitted Sydney Hussey.
Jan 22nd Admitted Hannah Warren.
Jan 23rd Hugh Franks left school, for work.
Jan 29th Admitted Ellen Clarke & Sarah Roper.
Joseph Turner left the school.
Jan 31st William Parham left the school.
Feby 5th Thyrza, Hannah & George Boon left school.
Feby 12th Admitted Elizh. Way.
Feby 15th Hannah Warren left the school.
Feby 20th John Cox left the school, for work.
March 4th Merina Cook left school, for work.
March 11th Admitted Mary Spurdle.
March 19th William & Lucy Wills left school.
March 25th Admitted Hugh Gibbs.
Gertrude & Edwd. Barnes left the school.
April 8th Admitted George Stuckey & Fredk. Vincent.
April 10th Jane, Sydney & James Hawker left the school.
Sarah Roper left the school.
April 15th Admitted Amanda & Andrew Cox.
May 6th Admitted Robert & George Tuck.
Admitted M. Jane Drake.
May 14th Admitted John Cox
May 27th Admitted the following children, Thyrza Boon, Hannah Boon, George Boon, Alfred Ebdon, Hugh Ebdon, Tom Stacey, Walter Turner, Joseph Burridge, Emily Hynard, James Pinney.
May 28th Admitted Alfred Ebdon.
June 3rd Admitted Elizh. Pidgeon, Ann Butler, Martha Smith, Harry Smith, Robert Smith, Matilda Dolling, Mary Cleal, Emily Cleal, Lucy Perham, Louisa Perham, Elizh. Goldsworthy, William Butler.
Azriel (?) Singleton left school, for work.
June 4th Admitted George Bond,  & Chas. Dean, Chas. Hoare & George Chick.
June 10th Admitted Louisa Bond, Jane Tutcher, & Danl. Lawrence.
Hy. Larcombe left school for work.
June 11th Admitted Emily Meech.
June 17th Admitted Matilda Mitchell.
June 24th Admitted Susan Hill.
July 1st Admitted Alfred Cox, Hy. Paul & Benjm. Paul
July 2nd Mary J. Baker left school for work.
July 8th Admitted Jane Boait & Lucy Roper.
July 15th Admitted Henry Cleal & Isabella Spencer.
Sydney Harvey left the school.
July 16th Admitted Benjamin & Mary Hodder.
July 22nd Admitted Elias Elston, Mary Cross & Harriett Beer.
July 29th Admitted Frederick Bulford.
Aug 6th Admitted Alfred Tuck.
Sept 16th Admitted Oliver Franks, Ellen Morley, Mary Warren, Jane Butler, John Dean, Gertrude Barnes.
The following children's names left off the register Amanda Cox, Mary Hussey, Ann Butler, Wm. Beer, John Cox & Fredk. Bulford.
Sept 19th Tom Chick left the school.
Sept 24th Admitted Robert Perham.
Sept 30th Admitted Annie Bragg.
Oct 21st Anne Acland, Alfred Ebdon, Alfred Tuck & George Tuck left the school.
Nov 25th Admitted Elizh. Way & George Peadon.
Dec 30th Admitted William Wellman.
Jan 1st Andrew Cox & Robert Tuck left the school.
Jan 2nd Elizabeth Pigeon left the school.
Jan 16th Mary Hodder & Ann Bragg left the school.
Jan 27th Admitted William Fowler
Feb 17th Admitted Fred Symes
Mar 3rd Admitted Amelia & Albert Raisin
Mar 4th Admitted William Pinney
Mar 11th Sarah Davy & Hy. Turner left the school.
Mar 17th Admitted Tom Dimond & Ann Bishop.
Mar 20th Henry Larcombe left school for work.
Mar 24th Admitted Harry Dimond, Anne Barratt & Emma Barratt.
Mar 25th Admitted Allen Hawker & Bessie Dimond.
William Wellman left school for work.
Mar 28th Edwin Scriven left the school.
Mar 31st Admitted James Cox & Wm. Gardner.
Robert Perham left school for work.
Apr 21st Richd. Loaring left school for work & S. Musselwhite.
Apr 28th Admitted Alfred Hallett.
May 13th Admitted Charlotte Samways.
May 26th Admitted the following children. Emma Clark, Anne Perham, John Dimond, Fred Bulford, Mary A. Hussey, John Singleton, Louisa Barratt.
Jun 10th Anne & Emma Barratt left the school.
Admitted Oliver Collingsford & Elizabeth Brown.
Jun 11th Admitted Alice Bragg.
Jun 16th Admitted Ellen Dolling & Julia Way.
Hy. White, Richard White, Tom Stacey & Jas. Stacey left the school. Gone to America.
Jun 17th Admitted Emma Samways.
Admitted Anne Hodder.
Jun 23rd Admitted Edward & Fred Rowe & George Brown.
Jun 24th Admitted Mary A. Hodder & Caroline Singleton & George Searle.
Jun 25th Admitted Walter Samways. Alfred & Anne James left school.
Jul 7th Admitted Emily Singleton, Emma Singleton, Chas. Dean & Henry Singleton.
Jul 8th Admitted Elizabeth Pigeon.
Jul 21st Admitted Bessy & John Roper.
Jul 28th Admitted Solomon Musselwhite.
Aug 4th Admitted Flora Hodges.
Sep 15th I George William Passmore, commenced duties as Certified (2nd Class) Master, today, assisted by Mrs Passmore as Sewing Mistress. Amelia Holbrook, Infants Mistress & John Marsh, Pupil Teacher.
May 15th Admitted Alice & Johnny Francis & W. Cottrell.
Scholars who have left during the past year - Dl. Lawrence, Jas. Bailey, Champ Ebdon, Edw. Perham, Hy. Dimond, Elzth. Pigeon, Thos. Dimond, Geo. Bailey, Anne Larcombe, Elzth. Biggs, Jno. Dimond, Jno. Dean, Ellen Dolling, Chas. Hussey, Mat. Dolling, Mar. Warren
May 22nd Admitted Sydney Combs (6) from Thorncombe.
Oct 4th Commenced duties in the Winsham National School. Amelia Holbrook, Infant & Sewing Mistress.
Admitted Thomas Baker, Alfred Boait, Emma Boait, Fred Butler, Emily Phillips, Kate Hodder & readmitted Charles Barnes & Ed. Barnes.
Oct 11th Admitted Ann Meech, Ann Smith, Bessie Roper & Ann Hutchings.
Oct 18th Admitted Thomas Deake.
John Searle attended after two weeks running away from sch.
Oct 27th George, Fred & Betty Chick were taken to the workhouse, consequently have left school.
Nov 26th Admitted John Roper.
Dec 13th Admitted Bessie Hutchings.
Jan 3rd Admitted Richard Denning and readmitted Sarah White.
Jan 21st Several children left to go to Thorncombe school, which has lately opened. Vincents, Husseys, Clarks & Hygood.
Mar 10th Admitted M.J. Drake
Mar 13th Readmitted Annie Peadon.
Mar 15th Admitted Frederick Cleal.
Apr 3rd Admitted Sydney Lacey & readmitted Anne Langford.
Apr 7th Admitted Emily Holt.
Apr 15th William Wills has left being apprenticed to the boot trade.
Apr 24th Readmitted Jas White, Jane & Emily Phillips and Robert Pinney, Pinneys having returned to live in the village.
Mary Larcombe returned to the school after a long absence.
Apr 25th Admitted Wm. & George Holt.
May 15th Readmitted Alice Francis. Hy. Pinney gone to work. Admitted Albert George Raisen.
May 29th The following children's names have been withdrawn from the register on account of continued absence - Mary Brown, Fanny Butler, Annie Hodder, Lucy Roper and Anne Vile.
Jun 23rd Admitted Mary Samways, Clara & Frank Meech. The former from Midnell & the two latter from Forde Abbey.
Jul 10th Admitted Kate Franks and readmitted Ann Meech.
Jul 12th The following names have been left off  on account of continued absence. Henry Pinney, Frank Larcombe & Henry Smith.
Jul 24th Admitted Frank, Emma & Bessie Hutchings from Hollow-wells, & Harriet Trenchard, Western Way.
Jul 25th Admitted Louisa & Fred Barrett & Henrietta Hutchings from Melcom Down. The following names have been struck off for continued absence :- Luke Paull, Ann Smith, Hannah Smith & Mary Aplin.
Jul 26th Frank Hutchings & John Roper playing truant this morning, the former only admitted Mon:
Jul 31st Readmitted Mary & Frank Larcombe, Ann & Luke Paull. Lucy & John Roper.

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