Finding your way around the Winsham Web Museum.....  it could not be more simple!


  • In nearly all MENU or INDEX pages, the general rule is to place your Mouse pointer anywhere on the picture relating to your topic of choice. Then  left click  your mouse button. You will then link to the page of choice or a sub-menu ,when you repeat the same procedure, or follow the instructions at the bottom of the page.
  • In a few sub-menus you may not find a picture, in which case click on the text indicating topic of choice.
  • If ,when browsing a topic you wish to return to the Home Page, and there is not a link at the bottom of the page you are browsing, you can do this is two ways. You can repeatedly press the 'return button' (top left of Browser) until you reach the Home Page, or until you reach the index of your topic. A return link will be found at the bottom of all Index pages. Left click on this. Should this fail it  could be a web site fault, but more likely you will find a 'Tab' has appeared which will take you back to the web page you require. If this does not work ,please advise using the e-mail link below. Your help with this will be greatly appreciated in helping to maintain the Web Museum in good working order.
  • Should you use a link that takes you away from the Web Museum, use a tab or browser 'back' button to return.
  • Some web pages have additional links within the text. These are indicated by a change in the colour or tone of the text. If you wish to follow the link, place mouse pointer over text and left click.
  • On some pages you will find 'thumbnail' pictures. Left click within the boundary of the picture and a larger image will appear. To return, left click on your 'Browser' back button.

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