Winsham School Log Book-Extracts 
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1st January Half holiday this afternoon
5th January Admitted Albert Miller. Very fair attendance this afternoon.
12th January Admitted Sarah Jane Cottrell
13th January Very poor school indeed. One register this morning with none present, and only one this afternoon.
5th February Admitted Edith Jessie Symes
9th February Re-admitted Annie Acland. Poor attendance
23rd February Much better attendance this morning. Admitted Tom Loaring and re-admitted William Hawker. James and Rosa Thorne leaving the village.
24th February We shall deviate from the "Time Table" today, in order to give an
Rev D H Spencer has been made acquainted of the same.
Re-admitted Fred Barratt.
My father dangerously ill, the registers were marked at 1.40 to enable me to leave a little early to go and see him.
25th February John Thorne leaving the village to return to Castle Cary.
15th March Admitted Albert Beagge and Allen Welch has gone to work.
16th March Re-admitted Walter Samways. Fair attendance. Admitted Frederic Boait.
26th March No school. "Good Friday".
1st April Arithmetic taken before eleven and transcription at 11.30 to enable me to leave to go and see my father who is dangerously ill.
2nd April Ellen Warren and Charles Dyke left the village. Very poor attendance.
12th April Very poor attendance this morning, especially in upper standards, several away with very frivolous excuses.
13th April Walter Samways and Minnie Trenchard left school. Fair attendance.
15th April John Rowe gone to work without permission, not having passed 3rd Standard.Ben Paull and Sam Dening gone to work in the same way.
19th April Attendance not very good. Sam J Dening came to school this morning.
Commenced scripture lessons according to Diocesan syllabus. Received 100 new Bibles and Testaments from Rev D H Spencer.
22nd April Gave an examination in Arithmetic to Standards III, IV, V &VI from 11 to 12 with very fair results.
Standard I very backward, Dening not being adapted fro teaching is unable to make any progress with them.
26th April Job Long and Emily Cleal gone to work. Fair attendance.
Fred Barratt's name left off the register for continual absence.
27th April George Hodder is gone to work.Attendance a little better.
3rd May Admitted Mary Loaring in classroom.Attendance not good.
5th May Henry Dyke gone to work. Very poor attendance, several children gone to Chard fair. Mary Hodder absent from eleven o'clock with my permission.
7th May Left Annie Cottrell's name off the Register for continual absence. The irregular attendance is a great drawback to the school.
The Bye-laws have not had the slightest effect, simply because they are not worked.
14th May The school closes today for the usual
25th May Admitted James and John Bragge from WhiteGate.
28th May Dening leaves the school today.
Have a rather thin attendance which is a great drawback so near on the examination.John Cook commenced.
31st May Admitted Charles Loud from Marshwood.
This is the end of the school year.
28th June Admitted Ernest Hawker and re-admitted James Rowe. Only fair attendance today.
29th June Punished Henry Cleal for playing truant. He is often away from the same cause. The girls and boys are not able to leave for recreation at the same time, as the school closets are being painted, and all are obliged to use the outer ones for a day or two.
30th June Girls occupied play ground today but not offices. The well is finished.
Fair attendance.
1st July John Francis and Sam: John Dening have gone to work.
6th July Punished William Singleton at his mother's request for playing truant.
12th July Admitted Ernest Reed, aged 3 years and a half.
19th July The following children's names struck off the registers for continual
absence without excuse - Sarah Phelps, Emily Cleal, and Ann Langford -Henrietta Hutchings gone to service.
Admitted Henry Rowe.
Attendance not good today, especially in upper standards.
22nd July Holiday - Church Choir gone to Weston Super Mare - Teachers belonging to Choir necessitated an Holiday.
23rd July 1880 Summary of the Inspector's Report
There is some good work done in this school, notably the Reading throughout,
and the spelling of the younger children, but the upper classes are weak in
Arithmetic, and the first Standard broke down "in Notation."
M Hodder has passed fairly.

Master: Jesse Symes, Certificated Teacher of the Second Class.

Assistant Teacher of Infants and Sewing: Amelia Symes

Pupil Teacher: Mary Hodder - Second Year.
28 July Mr Marsh (attendance officer) called today. He only took names of children whom I have mentioned to him several times before - not half of the irregular ones. Several of the upper Standards away. John Cook improves in teaching, but William Sirl does not. Children seem to be getting into their fresh work.



13th August-School closes today for the Harvest Vacation of four weeks
20 September

Re-opened school having closed five weeks on account of its not being finished repairing. Fair school over 100 in attendance. Teachers in their places at the proper time.
5 October

A night school is to be opened this evening at 7 o'clock.
Fair attendance although wet weather.
19 October

No school this afternoon as the Winsham Club divided their funds in the schoolroom.
20th October Very poor attendance indeed, a fall of snow is probably the cause. Mr Marsh did not call for names of absentees as he promised he would.
1 October


The following children's names have been struck off the Registers for
continual absence: John Bragge, Edward Spencer, Georgina Spencer, James Bragge, Sarah Phelps, Elizabeth Brown, Elizabeth Golsworthy and Mary Cross
22 October Admitted Benjamin, George and Mary Meech and Matilda and Mary Cook on Monday last (21st) from Laymore.
1st November Admitted Ernest Loud. Attendance not very good. The following children's names left off the registers for continual absence, Henry Aplin, and Mary Spurdell.
2 November Attendance very much better this morning. Mary Spurdell came on again.
5 November

Ernest Hawker and Ernest Reed left the village.
6 November

Bessy Chick away from home. Julia and Ellen Way are leaving the village.Tom Loaring Way is also leaving.

15 November Elizabeth Spencer leaves the village for Plymouth today.
The following have been cancelled from the Registers for continual absence.Fred Aplin, Mary Jane Jennings, Jessie Vile, and Mary White, and Flora and Ann Rowe and Alice Larcombe.
Admitted William Snell Larcombe, Simeon Trenchard and James Golsworthy.
30 November

Admitted Jane Cook. Very good attendance.
1st December

William and Fred Singleton have been playing truant. Their mother brought them to school today. Fair attendance. Mr Marsh called today.
7 December Very fair attendance. Find it very inconvenient in not having but two
"black boards" for the whole school for such a length of time. Forsey has them to repair, and has not completed them. He has had them over 3 months.
16 December

Attendance not so good. A great many children come very late. William and Fred Singleton are playing truant.
17 December

Very poor attendance through the bad weather.
23 December

Attendance small, usual routines.
(Mr Symes has written that the school closes for the Harvest vacation!)


1st Jan

My duties cease today, also Mrs Symes
Signed Jesse Symes.
: J H Cook in charge of infants
12 January

Mr Nash, assistant curate of the parish visited the school. Not many
children present.
18 January

A fearful snowstorm prevailing. Only seven children present; it being
impossible for those who lived any distance to come.
19 January Snowstorm still prevailing with undiminished fury. The snow in the streets being from three to four feet. The great depth prevented people moving from their homes. School obliged to close from Tuesday morning to the end of the week.
January 24 - 29

School closed on account of the severity of the weather.

31 January

Very small attendance.
February 3

Raining and blowing the whole of the day. Few children present. Sent a list of absences to the attendance officer for the district on Feb 2nd.
21 February

Largest number of children present since the Christmas holidays. Fine but cold weather. Re-admitted Ellen Warren, M J Jennings, Annie Barratt, Harry Cleal and Fred Cleal. Also admitted Willie Warren.
March 7

Another wet and windy day. Usual effect upon attendance. Admitted William and George Spiller.
15 March

Largest number of children present since Xmas, viz 130.
21 March

S J Cook again absent through illness. Mary Hodder in charge of infants.
Good attendance. Admitted Alf. Ed. Andrews and Frank Hussey.
29 March

Received the announcement of the Diocesan Inspection from Mr Spencer who read the notice in both departments of the school.
6 April

Rev D H Spencer and Mrs Spencer visited the School. Re-admitted John Cottrell.
8 April

Attendance not so good this week as formerly. 105 present this afternoon.
One of the infants met with an accident in the playground, his toe having been badly cut by the pump cover which fell on it.
15 April

Good Friday. No school.
25 April

Wet. Not many children present. Standard III answered fairly in Geography of England. The Revd Nash visited the school during the afternoon. First class of Infants answered very fairly in mental arithmetic. Admitted Mary Spiller and Lucy Maud Mary Brass and also G Peadon.
4 May

A lot of children absent owing to Chard Fair being held this day. Work
going on as usual. Admitted Thomas Wheaton.
9 May Good attendance. Louisa, Albert and Leah Vincent and also Henry Hussey gone to Thorncombe School. Standard II boys did badly in Dictation this afternoon.
16 May Good attendance. Admitted Matthew Cole. Work going on as usual. Number present 131.
24 May

Not a good attendance although the weather is everything that could be desired. Admitted Tom Cottrell.
30 May

Attendance still poor, many children absent who have to be presented for exam. Admitted Ellen Hutchings. No boys present above Std III.
31 May

Received notice of H.M. Inspector's visit. Infants geography and needlework to be examined on Thursday June 16th and the remainder of the work on Tuesday June 28th.
School Year ends to day.

1st June

Attendance not up to the mark, Standard II did their arithmetic poorly.
Admitted Arthur Wheaton.
June 6th to June 13th WHITSUNTIDE HOLIDAY
13 June

Poor attendance in the morning, better in the afternoon. Admitted Tom Loaring Way.
.14 June

Better attendance. Admitted Matilda and Jane Cook.
16 June

Geography Books - Art.19c3 for 1882 - Nelson's Series - H Hughes.
Examination of the Infants' Geography and Needlework by Rev H Hughes, H.M.Inspector of Schools.
20 June Not a good attendance this morning, better in the afternoon. Admitted Chas.Cottrell, Mary Meech, Kate Boait, Ed. El. Perham and Fred Collard. Std I did their sums very fairly.
4th July Fine weather. Not a good attendance. Began working children in fresh stds.Re-admitted Mary Francis.
18 July

"The School has passed a very fair Examination on the whole. There are signs of careful teaching, but some of the children are backward. I should like to see the Infants rather better trained".
H.M. Inspector is unable to approve S J Hook under Article 32(c)3
J H Cook - Grammar and Arithmetic
M Hodder has passed fairly.
Master: Walter Northcombe, Certificated Teacher of the Second Class.
Pupil Teachers: Mary Hodder, third year
John Henry Cook, first year

25 July

Very fair attendance, still there are a lot of children absent without
leave. Admitted Bernard and Mary Perham, Bayles Burrows and Edith Lacey.

1st August

Good attendance although rain came on in the afternoon. Admitted George Swaffield and Anne Rowe.

3 August

I examined Std II in Arithmetic but was not at all pleased with the result.
Not a good attendance in the afternoon probably owing to Chard Fair which takes place this day. Admitted Fanny Rowe.

8 August

Good attendance in the morning but poor in the afternoon owing to a downpour of rain which lasted the whole afternoon. Admitted B Meech
August 12th to September 9th



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