Jubilee Hall, except possibly for the twenty years of its life has always needed to maintain its fabric. Until the 1960s it was the Parish Council that was responsible for its upkeep, although when major work was carried out a wealthy sponsor was usually found! In the mid 1960s the Jubilee Hall became a registered charity, this being the only way that it could obtain a grant to pay for the cost of installing a central heating system.
In more recent year it has been a mixture of local fund raising and grants that has maintained the Jubilee Hall in good condition. Winsham people are generous, but nevertheless it places a great strain on the ingenuity of the Management Committee to keep the flow of contributions vital to its upkeep coming in. Below is the index to the many fund raising events staged in the new Millennium.
Fund Raising Events for
Jubilee Hall Floor

replacement and
general refurbishment

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Greek Night Themed Supper 2009
Moroccan Night Themed Supper 2009
The Night of the Godfather' Themed Supper - 2010
Caribbean Night Themed Supper 2011
Chinese New Year Themed Dinner 2012
Red Carpet Film Night 2012
Spanish Night 2013
Let it Snow Let it Snow 2014
Winsham Abbey Themed Supper 2015
bollywood button         'Bollywood' 2016

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